Teaching programming in primary school:

curriculum, didactic methods, textbooks, online support 





The main objective of the project to be achieved during 2 years of the project implementation is the following: – to create a coherent system of teaching programming at primary school together with necessary teaching resources that will be uniform for all project participating countries. Specific objectives: – create a coherent core curriculum for teaching programming at primary school; – design and test 50 model lesson plans to teach programming at primary school; – design, test and share 2 textbooks for teaching programming at grades 1-3 and 4-8 of primary school; – design, test and make available the Internet platform that will support teaching programming at primary school.
O Objetivo principal deste projeto durante os dois anos de funcionamento é criar um sistema coerente para ensinar programação do 1º ao 9º anos do Ensino Básico comum a todos os países participantes. Os objetivos específicos são: –  Criar um currículo base para ensinar programação; –  Elaborar e testar 50 planos de aula modelo para ensinar programação; –  Elaborar, testar e partilhar dois livros didáticos para ensinar programação; –  Elaborar, testar e disponibilizar uma plataforma na internet que irá dar apoio ao ensino de programação.
First meeting/ primeira reunião – Zamość, Polónia Second meeting/ segunda reunião – Jyväskylä, Finlândia

The above chart shows which institutions are the leading ones for particular Intellectual Outputs, but all partners to the project are responsible for cooperation and mutual support in the creation of each of them (this is also why each partner has been given grant referring to a few Intellectual Outputs – see the detailed budget chart).  Agrupamento de Escolas de Fornos de Algodres is the Leader of Dissemination process (working out and implementing strategy for disseminating project results within European Union, cooperating with Zamojskie Towarzystwo Oswiatowe in testing out the project results). 

Grade/ano Lesson plan        Planos de aula        Planos aula AEFA       
1st / 1º                
2nd / 2º               
3rd / 3º               
4th / 4º               
5th / 5º                  
6th / 6º                  
7th / 7º                  
8th / 8º                   
9th / 9º                
1st to 4th text book      5th to 9th text book       Manual 1º CEB   Manual 2º e 3º CEB